Dating remington 760

Combine winchester components with 760 to duplicate 30-06 springfield factory load ballistics 760 has ideal flow characteristics that give it an advantage over other propellants with similar burn rates 760 in recommended as an excellent choice for 22-250 remington, 300 winchster magnum, as well as 300 wsm. Remington rifles showing 40 of 183 remington trapper & mid size folder twin knife combo pack the best way to determine the date of delivery is to check the. Rebarrel/rechamber remington 760 gunsmithing discussion and tips. For more than 200 years, remington firearms have been forged from the untamed spirit that will always define the american spirit — revolutionizing an industry. Remington model 760 gamemaster hello all i have a does anyone know where i can get parts for the remington 760 gamemaster its a 3006 if it helps. While perusing a local shop that has @ 8 or so used 760's i heard some bad crap seems 2 younger guys were burning some daylight and were hanging out one of 'em picks up one of the 760's and says to the other oneremington 760's are old mens rifles.

Remington 760 disassembly instructions for cleaning and repair. I came across a remington gamemaster 760 in 30 06 sn 2538xx (2-3 depending) these are the mfg date codes here is a list of all the codes. A review of the remington model 750 woodmaster semiautomatic rifle from rifle shooter magazine. Remington long guns made between the early 20's and early 70's i don't think the date from that website is the correct date of manufacture for the 760.

I have a remington 742 woodsmaster ihave seen the dating codes listed in this and other forums, but mine absolutely has no letter in it under the. I was given a remington 760 gamesmaster in 308 caliber and was wondering what the effective range for this caliber was living in ohio i doubt. 760 was my first rifle and got my first deer with it a 5 pointer when i was age 28 below is the history love my remington 700 bdl now model 760 gamemaster. The remington 760 or 7600 rifles seem to be second most popular hunting rifles in this area, right behind the 742 or 7400 semi auto rifles the 760 is a pu.

260 remington 260 remington win 760 428 2960 476c 3239 rl 17 422 2932 469c 3264 created date: 10/25/2017 7:44:42 am. I bought a remington 760 that is in excellent condition the only problem is the rifle won't lock into battery when i pull back on the forearm the action opens. Hello all, i have a problem with my 30-06 pump remington 760 the hand grip for the pump is stuck in mid ejection, there is a round in the rifle. Remington 870, 700, 1100 serial/barrel number lookup remington these two letters can be decoded to find out the date your firearm was manufactured remington.

Remington serial number look up remington's manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the to date the manufacture are reliable. Remington 760 remington 760 remington 760 bernadelli double barrel bernadelli double barrel bernadelli double barrel bernadelli double barrel bernadelli double. Would like to know what a 760 remington pump carbine in 30-06 would be worth these days gun was made in late 70's near the end of the 760 production seller said it is in excellent condition with sli. The remington model 760 is a pump-action rifle that was first introduced in 1952 it was replaced in 1981 by the improved model 7600, which was offered in 'sportsman' design with wooden furniture, and 'tactical' design with black synthetic forearm and buttstock the police model of the 7600.

Dating remington 760

Browse all new and used remington rifles - pump for sale and remington 760 rifle,30 remington model 141 caliber 35 remington serial number 32814 date. Lg1210 date code on this remington game master 760’s barrel, is a somewhat confusing set of triple letters, drb its serial num for sale by robertson trading post on gunsamerica - 998032431. The remington model 760 gamemaster is a pump-action, centerfire rifle made by remington arms from 1952 to 1981 the model 760 replaced the model 141 in the product.

How to dissasemble and reassemble a remington model 760 pump rifle. Remington has been producing rifles for almost 200 how to find the age of a remington rifle by joshua you can determine that the made-on date is 1956 tip. Remington introduced the model 7600 pump-action rifle in 1981 this rifle is ically the same as the model six, differing only in the shape of the stock and ore-end, and receiver and barrel markings the model 7600 featured kered pistol-grip and fore-end in a fleur-de-lis pattern, and straight comb k. I am now the proud and somewhat surprised owner of a remington 760 gamemaster every once and a while, i buy something because it is just too good to pass up.

When was my gun made firearm dates by serial number updated on august 23, 2017 firearm dating information about remington series firearms and guns provided by.

Dating remington 760
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