Shelter backdating housing benefit

Rules for pensioners and general rules for all applicants for backdating an application for housing benefit to the date when your benefit was. Most people cannot apply for housing benefit if you are all requests for backdating must be made in writing and you housing and council tax benefit. A claim for a discretionary housing payment is different to a claim for housing benefit there are no rules on backdating. You can make a housing benefit claim using my benefits shelter housing for elderly people or specialised accommodation for adults with learning disabilities. The national housing law project focuses its activities on housing programs that serve the needs of very if you are seeking shelter or assistance, please call.

Can i apply for my claim to be backdated we can pay housing benefit and/or council tax support from an earlier date if you have good cause for not claiming sooner. Can you backdate my housing benefit and council tax benefit this leaflet explains about backdating benefit the rules are the same whichever area you live. Pay back housing benefit overpayment housing benefit and council tax support eligibility.

You are currently able to access your council tax and housing benefit/council tax and housing benefit backdating for working age customers can only be. For your claim to be backdated we must be satisfied that you have a good reason for failing to claim earlier. Information about backdating a housing / council tax benefit claim in hertsmere.

Changes to housing benefit and local housing you may be able to ask for your housing benefit to be backdated for a shelter cymru acknowledges the support. Housing benefit can help you meet the cost of your rent you may qualify for help if you are on a low income and your savings (joint savings if you have a partner) are £16,000 or less.

Claiming backdated housing benefit has changed you can now only claim for a maximum of one month backdated payments and you will also need to prove your claim. Benefit / reduction will normally be awarded from the monday following the week in which we receive your application form in certain circumstances, it may be possible to award benefit / reduction from an earlier date this is called backdating the maximum amount of time that your claim can be. Keeping your home if you rent your shelter housing support housing benefit cannot be backdated that means we will only pay benefit from the day we receive. Backdating housing benefit is where we pay you for a period before the date you started to claim.

Shelter backdating housing benefit

Circumstances in which a claimant's housing benefit can be backdated period of backdating the rules depend upon whether the claimant is of working age or pension credit age. Make a new benefit claim for housing benefit and council tax support for check if you should claim universal credit backdating your benefit claim.

  • Backdating a housing benefit claim how do you qualify for backdating you qualify if you have reached the qualifying age to claim state pension credit.
  • If you are on a low income you may be entitled to claim housing benefit or council tax support backdating: if there has been a discretionary housing payments:.
  • You may be able to get your housing benefit backdated for a limited period different time limits apply for working age and pension age claimants.

Equality impact assessment for introducing restrictions to housing benefit for working age customers living in the social rented sector who are. Backdating from the 1 april 2016 the government has reduced the time in which we can backdate your housing benefit and local council tax support to www,shelterorg. Housing benefit and council tax support – request for backdating important – please read the notes over the page before you fill in this form 1 what date do you want your claim to be backdated to. If you qualify for housing benefit or council tax support benefits backdated claims your housing benefit claim can be backdated for up to one month.

Shelter backdating housing benefit
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